Wednesday, 10 May 2017


Time has offered me quite a time to learn but before I go on HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU. I was indeed thrown into life this year. I was most grateful for the opportunity to learn. I have learnt to take risk, to love, to forgive, to endure, to smile, and most importantly to just be me. It's never easy finding what you represent or who you are when you are forever being influenced by your environment. We live in a world where everyone and though rarely, everything has a say and not one where a hidden beauty behind what being said but one where everyone wants to be of influence to others but never to be the influenced; in other words NEVER MINDING THEIR BUSINESS. Don't get me wrong as it is a means of care but sometimes it all taking a fall is essential because how well you get up is what makes a person not his cautions. W are being left ant the mercy of the world to make decisions for us but funny enough we are the ones to execute then as if we decided ourselves. We care much to great of how we are perceived and we all struggle not to fall. But what to do when falling is the hardest part. 

I want to take affordable risk once in a while; do something new and affordable if exciting. I emphasize on affordable because I don't want a mistake I can't afford and would honestly lead to a detriment like getting killed or thrown in jail. I want to do away with the baby-walker and find my own steps. We are not getting younger each year. We are growing and need to remember that even while still young, we need to make our future. Having dreams is not bad but what happens when the ideal life doesn't come and your left standing on a road of uncertainty all alone. We are still young, yes but not for long. We need to make things happen now before we are thrown into the monotonous8-4 lifestyle of 8-4, then comes marriage, baby in the oven and a truckload of endless responsibility; little wonder the proverb "Make Hay while the Sun shines". I wish I knew at age 12 what I know now perhaps I would have been a CEO of a multi-million conglomerate . 

I have learnt more importantly, the power of love. Love is the greatest and it is a gift. To be loved by our family, friends and even God was not our right because we are love no matter our shortcomings and before we were born (in God's case). Loving people helps us have patience and understanding with them. Love is not only physical, it is in the minute gestures that speak for itself, it is in the care shown. Love being a gift, is given hence he who loves is a giver. In love, you sacrifice and your reward is the joy of the receiver not the acknowledgement received. Love helps you learn to never give up on a person no matter how written off the person is. Love is blind does not mean you are naive and foolish but you are lenient, understanding and not quick to judge. Love makes you want to better yourself because as a giver you want to place yourself in a position to give more joy. Most importantly, love makes you smile, laugh and happy....xoxo...muah...SashaB

Tuesday, 12 April 2016


Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines hope as "to want something to happen or be true and think that it could happen or be true". I was told a story by a friend that a woman gave birth to a child and put the child in a polyethylene bag and through him into a pit latrine. The woman may not have had hope for the baby being a part of her life. Without hope, living becomes hard and strained. You would wake up each day, every week not a little bit enthusiastic of what the day has to offer. You would carry out your activities each day without life in it. You tend to get lost not only to the world but among the crowd. Your just seems worthless and you loss the most important hope of all; The hope of living. Ecclesiastes 9:4,  "For unto him that is joined to the living, there is hope; for a living dog is better than a dead lion". That verse alone has been a guide to me for these few months now. It has a lot to say in our current times. There are times where things just seem to be against you and disgusted by you and turn out to be to your detriment. Every where seems to be in a turmoil. Your parent always fight about money and you wonder what's the hope of marriage. Your friends are all either reach and affluent or hooking up with swarms of guys and sugar daddies and spend to their hearts desires and you have no hope for living a happy life. Your clearly not sure while you still attend lectures and you still trail more than you score. I have been a living testimony of lack of hope and from and experienced, God is hope. God has a way of turning things around, of changing destinies, making all things work together for my favour. God sent his only begotten Son for hope of our Salvation. His Love for us is our hope. Him alone knows how beautiful and precious we are to him and his abundant love is shown. No matter what our situation is, we are alive and breathing, we have eyes that we can see and our senses intact. No situation is worse for there is hope for he who is bound to the living. Hope for God is you think you have nothing to hope for....xoxo...muah...Sasha B.

Thursday, 4 February 2016


         I am sorry I am not constant here but I promise you that I do make it a point to air major occurrences. I hear people talk a lot about having the wrong kind of friends but honestly speaking, I fail to relate because I  have never fell a pray. I would not necessarily tell a tale of how a very close friend of mine betrayed me or stabbed me in the bag like most people always talk about but i would rather say that I had the opportunity come. My youth church pastor back home in Nigeria once aid something; he asked us to pray to God to use the defaults of our partners to embarrass them so we are made to know of them if we do plan on getting married. I turned the prayer around on my friends. I know myself to be fairly unforgettable though forgiving but also aggressive hence I am sure I would not let whoever tries  to make a mockery of me to go Scot free. 
         Anyways,  us women especially need to be careful of the kind of female friends we have. As a Christian woman especially, we are trying our best to become "the virtuous woman". The type of friends we surround ourselves with play a part in how spiritual we are. I strongly believe in a woman keeping herself for marriage religiously because it is a command from God and personally because I feel that it is somewhat of a reward to my husband, I don't really know. Someone like me for instance cannot roll  with friends who believe i playing around as they put it. Even if I choose to roll with them, I should be able to make an impact of some sort in their lives. I would not judge you for who you seem to be but I should be able to administer good counsel. My roommate always finds in funny that I keep being friends with such type of people because she would never feel comfortable being friends with someone and managing the person. I knew for sure that they had issues but never did I believe that they could go that far.
        At the end of the day,humility is key, I have no right to look down on anyone or criticize the effort of other because I am  not perfect.A lot of my friends can testify to the fact that I thrive on self praise but I don't do that in comparison to any of them. No body is ugly you just don't appreciate God's work. As an individual you don't deserve anyone's disdain or contempt, You need to look in the mirror and have an assurance that you are beautiful. 
      Another issue I need to talk about is self respect it is not only about believing you are what you believe you are.It also entails the way you make others perceive you. If a friend of yours has a guy for instance it is rather unethical to form any kind companionship with him. Even if they are not your friend and the guy is indeed taken it is best feet to keep and arm length distance in the way you relate with him. No girl would want some girl hanging around her guy,the same goes for both sex. You give the wrong impression if not verbally but non-verbally, you can be likened to quite a number of things. This then concludes that the type of relationship you have with the opposite sex is important in how your Christian life is and also the kind of image of God you show to others...stay safe....xoxox...muah....Sasha B

Thursday, 17 December 2015


     I have been away these few months due to school. I can't deny that Doctor of Pharmacy in KNUST is not as easy as ABC but I believe I would have crossed the bridge 4 years from now. Anyways while I was away, I had the singular honor to have a huge crush on someone. I describe myself as being attracted to the quintessential "tall, dark stranger". I develop massive crushes particularly if the guy is tall and not in the same circle of friends as I am. I guess I like the feeling that comes with liking someone. I always feel that once we become friends, the mutual feeling gets lost and you're automatically friend-zoned which is more of your loss than mine. I feel that might change though if I see someone that I might fall in love with. Back to my tall, dark stranger, I really thought he was the one (not to sound cheesy though) because I kept on seeing similarities in our characters and people kept on saying that we acted alike I guess I thought so too. Similar situations have occurred before in secondary school with a certain guy and I really put my mind and heart into it only to be let down. This time I went into the battlefield with armed only mind and trust me,it helped. I had to talk to a guy to inquire more about my stranger. I was told that although he was not into anything illegal or morally bad, he was a PLAYER. Well, that was some blow. I wouldn't deny that I didn't see it coming, I just chose to ignore it but I guess that was more of a wake-up call to reality. I can't say I am completely over him but I guess I can do without him or like my Koreans say, ''I HAVE DECIDED TO LET HIM GO". 
      The focal point is that we should learn to let go if it doesn't work out. A bad relationship they say is like a broken car; you can stay in it all you want but it ain't going anywhere. The concept of you being able to change a guy is only in romantic comedies and Korean series and as they are viewed they should just stay there. You should love someone accepting all their imperfections but I seriously doubt that being a player is an imperfection but  a skill which I fail to accept. You want to enter a relationship with trust being held. I don't have time to spare to jealousy neither do I have in checking your messages or following you around it depicts me as an agonizing housewife which I doubt looks hot on me (hair flip). I want to be happy, I deserve to have a happily ever after and I honestly do not mind the sacrifice now cause I have my eyes wide open for the big picture. If it is meant to be I know that God will make it happen; he did mention having a goo thought for me leading to an expected end. While am hoping for my mind to control my heart, I hope to live life to the best of my abilities and as a wise man once told me, my best is yet to come...xoxo....muah....Sasha B

Wednesday, 16 September 2015


    It has certainly been a while since I last posted anything cause apparently Doctor of Pharmacy is a lot harder to mix with social life than I expected.  I have been stuck in piles after piles of lab reports and I literally sleep with an entire library on my bed but that's entirely by the way.  The topic has a lot to say and I just had to let it out there. 
     It's just like how you go to the market and you spot some good looking vegetables  and then you ask the trader selling,  "This one na how much"  or  "How much are these vegetables",  and they immediately give you a price.  The same thing happens in reality. The only difference here is that no one asks you how much you are but as the old adage,  your action would speak louder than your words.  How much people perceive you to be would not be obtained on mere inquiry but on how well you carry yourself and what you have to offer.  Until you know your worth, you are going to agree to what everyone else has to say about you.  Not only would you agree, you would start believing and acting on it for as long as possible.  I have had countless number of friends who had to enter into relationships without knowing how much they actually are.  It always ended up with them giving it all to the guy and being discarded by a guy who is in no angle or latitude close to their league. How expensive you are is all in your hands. Whether you are seen as 1 kobo cheap or otherwise is only of your doing.
    Knowing your self worth is the beginning of obtaining self confidence. You have to know and also believe that you are the best you that can be found on planet earth.  You, can only be modified but not altered,  redesign but not switched.  I always praise myself and though all my friends hear it a lot and some grow tired of it, I never stop because I have to do that to remind myself of how I  am beautiful, wonderfully made,  special,   precious gift to mankind,  a bless woman.  To quantify my self would be the distance from Nigeria to the utmost end of the universe.
    You have no right to be unappreciated, unloved, underutilized, insulted, maltreated, because you are beautiful and God's own special gift to the world. Love your self because no one does it better and others would learn to love you too... STAY BLESSED AND EXPENSIVE... xoxo...muah...Sasha B.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015


      It has been quite a long time since my last post and during that time I could say a lot has happened. My life has been put in stress elevated and I will remain strong to finish the fight.
       This week in church, we were opportune to be taught n the topic, "Knowing God's Will in Marriage". The fun part of it was that it brought out a lot of opinions but also it got everyone active and adrenaline levels spiralling. But coming to my perspective, I found out that a lot of things said could be used in creating a better relationship boyfriend-girlfriend wise. 
      To attain success in relationship, it is important not to have a working relationship with God. The kind of relationship you have with God rubs off on the one you have with your boyfriend or girlfriend. The reason for the relationship is companionship. If you are diligent in studying your bible, praying, fellowship, etc, you know what diligence is and you can show it in you relationship as you would give the other party some useful time of yours. It is also advisable to take front, side, centre and back row of the relationship.
      Being in a diligent relationship with God and allowing God to take the wheel is Good but DO NOT OVERSPIRITUALIZE  (if that's a word) everything. To uphold a firm relationship, the little things you do matter. It is what keeps the element of surprise in a relationship. Your girlfriend or boyfriend gets drunk without knowing and you start to quote chapters of the bible that says he or she is a sinner and quote the entire Psalms chapter 1 on their behalf. By talking to them about it morally and helping them with their hangover is a better option. The Psalm 1 could come if they repeat the action. 
     Make each other feel special, the best way to get a lady or a guy, is to make them feel special cause they already know, take little things and illuminate it. For instance, I was walking out of my hostel and I stopped to by credit. A guy was walking by, he stopped, looked at me and said, "Your hair looks great on you" and walked away after I replied thank you. That made me feel special. Most guys don't notice this sort of things but it matters the most. Not only to the girls does this appeal to but also notice your guys new haircut or new clothes.
      Trust is always the watch word. If there is lack of trust in the relationship, dutifully leave. No foundation in a relationship is built without trust. You can't be tensing up because you see them talking to the opposite sex. It gets too overbearing if for instance my boyfriend wants to know where I am every 30 mins, wants me not to talk to any male apart from him and gets angry if he sees me smiling to another guy. Be confident in them but if they break the confidence, you act.
      You don't need constant sex to have a relationship cause if you take the sex away, the relationship does not exist....xoxo...muah

Sunday, 22 March 2015


  Hmmm...I really dont know where to start. I and my roommate went to church completely cluless of the day. The devil tried to make today a day of sorrow but if God be for us, who can be against right?? After church today I was still contemplating going back to school or sticking around for Believer's Class but as it is written,  "God has a thought for us, that of good and not of evil to bring is to an expected end". I stayed back for the class, it happened to take too long that I got annoyed and I began questioning my staying back. When we were done, we waited a generous amount of time for the bus but it didn't seem to come. My friend started calling me and asking if I was hurt and it took me by surprise because no accident occurred in church. To cut the whole story short, the bus on its way to school had a terrible accident. The bus was smashed on a tree beyond recognition. People still find it hard to believe that everybody survived but true to his word, we shall not die but live to declare the works of the Lord. You might be going through tough times but he that Liveth neither sleeps nor slumber. God does not tempt his children neither does he sends bad things to his children. The devil comes to our try faith but as the Lord lives through and as his spirit lives through praises and supplications we shall never have a course to be weary or cry neither shall we mourn. No matter the situation or the troubles God's Not Dead. If he did it before and he did it for me, he can do it again....xoxo...muah...Sasha B.